Burn Barrels
Burn barrels are only authorized in certain rural areas where homeowners are allowed to use a burn barrel to contain an open outdoor fire in addition to the burning of non-glossy paper and cardboard. Areas allowed a burn barrel exemption were granted to the District by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The exemption allows burn barrels in certain authorized rural areas of Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity counties which do not have garbage service/recycling.
The exempted areas are determined by zip code and are based on population density and location. Currently, the areas where burn barrels are allowed (exempted areas) are:
Gasquet Blocksburg Bridgeville
Ettersburg Orleans Petrolia
Burnt Ranch Coffee Creek Covington Mill
Del Loma Denny Douglas City
Dinsmore New Harris Hawkins Bar
Forest Glen Hayfork Hyampom
Junction City Mad River Peanut
Wildwood Zenia Big Bar
Kettenpom Orick Post Mountain
Ruth Somes Bar Trinity Center
Trinity Lake

A District Burn Permit must be obtained and the District determines your exemption status when your permit is issued.

Current Information
All 3 Zones

Thursday August 5th

For burn day status call
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Pre-1990 trucks can emit two and a half times as much NOx and five times as much particulates as trucks meeting the current on-road heavy-duty engine exhaust emission standards.
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