Before You Burn, Try Alternatives First!


Burning can release a substantial amount of air pollution, the District encourages everyone to use alternative methods to dispose of natural vegetation when feasible.

Organic material such as fruits and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, leaves and grass clippings can be composted into mulch and natural fertilizer for gardens.
The benefits of composting include:
  • Reduces smoke pollution
  • Creates rich, fertile soils
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Easy and effective way to dispose of vegetation

For more information on composting visit: CalRecycle


Chipping can be a do-it-yourself project or hired out. Neighbors can share in the cost and use of a rented or community-owned chipper, making the task more economical and enjoyable as a neighborhood project.
The benefits of chipping include:
  • An effective treatment of limbs, branches, leaves, pine needles and vegetation.
  • Creates valuable landscaping material used for mulch and weed suppression.


Many communities offer curbside recycling of paper, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, junk mail, as well as green waste. Recycling is also offered at most transfer stations and landfills. Contact your local waste management company to see what is available.
The benefits of Green Waste Pick Up and Recycling include:
  • Grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs and other yard wastes are valuable resources when they are properly collected where they can be used to create renewable energy, compost or mulch.


Paper shredders can be purchased to destroy personal papers or you contact a paper shredding business to do it for you.

*If a residence has a pre-approved Rural Area Exemption from the NCUAQMD, non-glossy paper and cardboard products may be burned.*

If you observe illegal burning, or if you would like to report someone who is a continual problem burner, call the District's Complaint Hotline at 707-444-2233. Contact the local fire department only when there is an immediate fire safety emergency.

Remember-Be a good neighbor-YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Photos credit to: and Northern Sierra Air District

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Pre-1990 trucks can emit two and a half times as much NOx and five times as much particulates as trucks meeting the current on-road heavy-duty engine exhaust emission standards.
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