Wood Stove Incentive Replacement Program
The District's Wood Stove Incentive Replacement Program assists in replacing older, non-certified wood stoves, with cleaner, more fuel-efficient wood heating devices or other less polluting heating appliances. Replacements that may qualify for incentive funding include:
  1. Replacement of non-EPA certified wood heating appliances and appliances manufactured pre-1990 with EPA certified appliances. Click here for the EPA certified list.
  2. Replacement of non-EPA certified wood heating appliances and appliances manufactured pre-1990 with propane or natural gas heating appliances.
What is the process?
During the grant application period, applications may be downloaded by clicking here or by requesting to have a copy mailed to you. Directions and application deadlines are clearly noted on the form. Purchase of the replacment device cannot be made until an official award offer is made.
Who can apply?
Individulas that reside within the boundaries of Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties who own the residence in which the heating device is located are eligible. Individuals cannot be employed by the District, be a member of the District Board, or be a family member of either the employees or the Board.
What happens if my project is selected for grant funding?
You will be notified by mail that you have been selected to receive a grant. At that point, you may purchase the aproved appliance and have it installed by a licensed individual or licened contractor. Proof of destruction of the old device is required.
What criteria are used to determine which projects will be granted money?
Once the application period has ended, eligible and complete applications will be selected at random and placed on a list from which the awards will be given. Based upon the order of this list, grants will be awarded until all the funds allocated are exhausted. Those applications not initially selected for funding will be placed on an "eligible waiting list" and notified if funding becomes available.
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